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Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker 30162E Review

It is important to choose the right cooker when you plan on cooking meats. The better job your smoker does at smoking the meats, the better the flavor will be. Then you can upgrade your barbecues to a higher quality and ensure that everyone around you will be excited about them. First, you have to figure out which smoker is going to give you this desired outcome.

You could try the Smoke Hollow 30162E smoker. It is one of the more affordable smokers on the market which still provides users with high quality results with their smoked meats. It also isn’t prone to getting as many problems as other smokers on the market. Any newbie to smoking will surely want a smoker that is easy to use and gives great results. That is the case with the Smoke Hollow smoker. The best part is that it takes up very little space and is still one of the more powerful smoker models you can purchase for your home.

The Smoke Hollow 30162E is an electric smoker that is made of porcelain-coated steel and has a black color to its exterior.

interior of the smoke hollow electric smoker

Pros and Cons of The Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker​


You will have very little to worry about with this smoker. This is something that cannot often be said for smokers that are priced as fairly as the Smoke Hollow smoker is. Many other smokers of equal or worse quality are priced at many thousands of dollars. Not only that, these smokers are often bigger and will take up so much room on your property. For $159.85, you can purchase the Smoke Hollow 30162E and fit it virtually anywhere in your home and get a quality cook every time.


When we say you can fit the Smoke Hollow anywhere, we mean it. The Smoke Hollow is a very compact unit which means you can place it somewhere that won’t get in your way when you’re not using it. The inside dimensions of the smoker are just 16” x 14” x 30”. Compare this to the dimensions of similar smoker units and you’ll see this is one of the smaller options available to choose from. But despite its smaller size, there is still plenty of internal space available for smoking vegetables and meat together without needing to stuff it full.


The Smoke Hollow electric smoker is designed to be efficient and easy to use. It contains a temperature control mechanism which allows you to get the exact temperature for properly smoking your meats so that the flavor is retained. The temperature gauge will constantly keep you informed as to what the temperature is inside of the smoker so that you can make any temperature adjustments that are necessary. You can even do this while the door to the smoker is open for a little while.

The Smoke Hollow can get up to very high temperatures with a wood chip box that is made of high quality. The entire unit is made with a porcelain coating which helps it stay durable for years because it will keep it resistant to corrosion and rust. So, if you plan on smoking with this unit every single day, the double walled construction of the Smoke Hollow will allow you to smoke every day without the unit sustaining any damage.

The Smoke Hollow should only take around 15 minutes to fully heat up. It is hard to find a smoker on the market that is this efficient.

Strong Design 

One thing about the Smoke Hollow that stands out the most is its design. It has a strong steel construction which keeps it strong. It almost resembles the strength of the larger smokers that you’d find at a restaurant. But what this means for residential users is that you can put the Smoke Hollow smoker outside and not have to worry about the environmental conditions damaging it. The Smoke Hollow has a detachable controller which makes it easy to move the unit around without having to touch it yourself with your hands. The Smoke Hollow also has tough side handles which help keep it sturdy and portable. And if that is not impressive enough, it even has a magnetic door latch to ensure the door is closed completely without any hassle. This is an important feature because if the door doesn’t close properly on a smoker, then it could cause temperature problems inside while the meats and vegetables are being smoked. This will force you to spend more money and time preparing your food because it is unable to sustain the temperature level that you have set it at.

Easy to Clean 

A very convenient thing about the Smoke Hollow is that it is super easy to clean. The unit even has replaceable parts which is another reason why it can last for so many years. Compare this to the cleaning process of other electric smoker units which do not have removable parts and you’ll understand why it is easier to clean units that do have removable parts.

Food inside smoke hollow electric smoker


As good as the Smoke Hollow electric smoker is, there is only one complaint that people have about it.

Smoke Leakage 

It is expected for a smoker to leak smoke while it is being used. But some users of the Smoke Hollow have complained that it leaks too much smoke, causing it to become inefficient at smoking its foods because it lowers the temperature inside the unit. The good thing is that only a limited number of complaints have come in about this problem, whereas the majority of people have only good things to say about the unit. It is possible that the people who were having trouble with their Smoke Hollow unit had a damaged or problematic unit and is not reflective of the majority of the units that people have. You will never have serious problems with this smoke hollow electric smoker.

Last Words

Overall, the Smoke Hollow 30162E is an electric smoker that is durable, easy-to-use, and produces all quality results in its smoked foods. This smoker will surely last you for many years, even if you regularly smoke meats. When you consider all of the pros and the one con, it shouldn’t be hard to make the right choice by purchasing this unit for your home.

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