old smokey electric smoker review

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review – A Break Down of Features

With the summer months here, many people are looking into getting a good barbecue and smoker for their home. As you look at options, you’ll find that the products that are most often sought can cost quite a bit. A professional grade smoker, for instance, can easily run you a few thousand dollars if you don’t bargain shop. There are some consumer level options that are just as good as commercial grade smokers, but a bit smaller in frame. One such option that you may want to look into is none other than the Old Smokey Electric Smoker. This model is not only cost effective; it comes from the Old Smokey line up of smokers. They’ve been making a name for themselves amidst consumer grade smokers and grills, making this option quite intriguing overall. Consider the following run down of features and why you may want to pick this up for your next cookout.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The Basic Rundown (Dimensions)

As with any smoker, you’ll want to look at the dimensions and different basic information that comes with it. In the case of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker, you’re going to find that it weighs 24 pounds, and measures 15.5 x 15.5 x 29 inches. It’s relatively compact, and is made for smoking with ease. There’s no water that is needed with this, and when you get started, the sealed lid allows all the juices and elements to get trapped, so that the meat gets all the flavor that you want from smoking. It is made of aluminized steel with a heating element that is 100% adjustable so that you get even heating, and the right elements overall. As for the steel, don’t worry, the aluminum coating is corrosion-resistant, so your food and smoker is safe, and won’t break down. It’s made of quality construction, and has been noted as a “tough” smoker on the market today.

The Advantage of Old Smokey Options

As you look at purchasing smokers, you’re going to realize that there are a lot of square, and heavy solutions. This is not one of those. The advantage that comes with purchasing this solution is easy to spot, it’s rounded, and it’s light weight. Even though you get a lot of room on the interior, and there is a very efficient smoking element, you will find that the manufacturers have made this a bit lighter than others on the market. By making it a little lighter, you’re going to find that it’s easier to bring with you to other locations, or perhaps move it around your backyard or patio. Even though it’s a bit lighter, don’t mistake the durability that is found with it. Other than that, the main advantage is the adjustable heating element, as well as the sealed lid to trap the smoke, juices, and more. The design allows for the smoke to go up and come down through the meat, and escape in a small area, so that you can rest assured that your meat gets maximum taste without losing the valuable smoke.

Control The Heat

One of the major issues that people have with smoking meats is the temperature. There are several smokers on the market that allow smoke to escape heavily through the top, and sides. This is not one of those. The unique design allows for better, even heat to go through when trying to smoke your favorite meat. As for temperature, you’re going to be delighted in knowing that there is an electric component that gives you 100% accurate measurements. You will always know at what temperature you’re heating at, and smoking at. There’s no shifts here, you will know 100% of the time what’s going on, and you will be able to adjust things accordingly. Need more heat? You go it. Need to turn things down? You can do that too. This smoker gives you a great deal of control as to how heavy the smoke gets, and how high the heat is as well. This allows you to get that precision smoke into the meat, without having to go to extremes at all.

What Are People Saying?

This smoker is getting a lot of positive reviews right now. One source had over 130 reviews at press time alone. The majority of them have discussed the inherent value of this smoker, as it is one of the lower priced solutions that you are going to find today. Priced to sell, without sacrificing quality, many people find this to be one of the premier solutions under $200. It rivals most options that cost more than that as well. Other factors that people found positive was the electrical heat element, the durability of the build, and the sealed top, allowing smoke to go up and out through various areas, but not without first coming back down for another round. This wave of smoke definitely helps, and many people have found that they can easily make smoked turkey, and 10-pound shoulder with relative ease.

Difficulty of Use

When it comes to smokers, some people complain that it gets complicated. Smoking is a precision cooking style, and if you are off by several degrees, the meat can end up tasting burned. That’s not the case here. Old Smokey Electric Smoker has been manufactured to practically be fool proof, so that you can control every parameter, including the heat, so that you get only the best tasting meat with smoke that you control overall. That’s the one thing that you have to remember about this option, you have the power to make things taste good, simple as that.

old smokey electric smoker review

Is It Worth It? Should You Buy It?

At the end of the day, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker gets high marks from consumers, is compact, doesn’t weigh a great deal, is easy to use, and even made it on our top 5 list of best electric smokers for the year. Furthermore, the racks are efficiently placed inside, and you get to control the heat with precision elements, making it one of the better offerings on the market. Perhaps the best thing about this is the price, at way under $200, it’s a smoker that is going to change the way that you eat meat today. Just one test run and you could very well be a true believer, and join many happy customers of the Old Smokey brand. Is it worthwhile? Absolutely. But if you don't like the old smokey brand, a Masterbuilt electric smoker might be the one you need.

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