Electric Smoker Brisket Recipe For The Beginner

Electric Smoker Brisket Recipe For The Beginner

Electric smoker Brisket is one dish that’s just perfect for smoking. Beef briskets are quite tough and are best cooked by smoking them since the slow smoking process helps break down the hard tissues, which means you get real tender meat, just the way you want to savor it. You can of course go for a traditional smoker, using wood, pellets, gas etc., to smoke the brisket but that would mean spending hours tending to the meat.

Brisket is simple, needing perhaps 30 minutes of actual work and preparation. Accurate to say, that start to finish can extend as long as 15 hours. However, if you have the correct tools (a sharp blade, unlined butcher paper and a digital thermometer) and a little know-how and persistence, anybody can make a delicious brisket.

electric smoker brisket

The alternative, and quite a good one at that, is to go for an electric smoker, wherein you’re able to avoid having to continuously spend your time trying to keep the fire on at the right heating temperature. As long as you keep the meat ready ahead of the cooking, and then smoke it at the temperature for the right duration, you can be assured of some real succulent and tasty beef brisket, without spending hours at the smoker. Mind you, brisket smoking is all about cooking at the right temperature, which an electric smoker is better equipped to deliver as compared with the conventional smokers.

Preparing the meat

To get your brisket just perfectly done in an electric smoker, you should ideally prepare the meat at least a day before. The preparation involves marinating the non-frozen brisket after trimming the fat on it. The marinated beef should be kept wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator, to be taken out about an hour before putting it in the electric smoker.

Preparing the smoker

The main thing about getting the smoker ready for smoking the brisket is to ensure proper heating. We recommend you follow a Masterbuilt electric smoker brisket recipe for this. The ideal temperature you need to maintain for cooking brisket in an electric smoker (in fact in any smoker) is around 200 degrees F. If, for some reason, your smoker can’t get the temperature at this level, then just ensure that you keep it at low. And remember, you need to maintain the temperature at this level for at least 6 hours or so to get the brisket perfectly cook.

One good thing about an electric smoker is that most of the models come equipped with an in-built thermometer, with which you can ensure the right temperature for the right duration of cooking/smoking time.

Tips for electric smoker brisket

poke brisket

To ensure that your brisket smoking temperature is right, poke it with a toothpick or some other sharp object once the smoker reaches the temperature of 195 degree F. If it’s soft, showing no resistance to the sharp object, then it just needs to be done for another 30 minutes before being fully cooked. After that it simply requires some resting time so that it gets fully tenderized.

To enhance the flavor further, rest the brisket in a cooler lined on the bottom with a heavy-duty foil, and covered on the top with another foil piece. Any remaining space in the cooler should be filled with thick towels before closing the lid. Two hours of resting time should be good.

You need to be really careful about slicing the brisket after taking it out of the cooler since it’s quite soft and tender, and may fall apart if not handled with care.

Electric smokers designed for briskets

Brisket, as we know, is a typical south country dish. So you’ll actually find several electric smokers designed to meet the specific smoking requirements of a brisket. One such product is the Southern Country Smokers 2 in 1 Electric Water Smoker that converts into a Lock 'N Go Grill, which has an extra-large water pan for the perfect slow-cooking process needed to prepare juicy and tender brisket, every time. The idea is to go for an electric smoker that provides the slow cooking at 200 degrees F temperature that you need for a brisket. The electric smokers developed by Dallas-based Brinkmann and Charboil are also good options for brisket smoking.

While these are some of the customized kind of brisket smokers, you can actually go for any smoker that provides the right temperature range for your brisket cooking. More than any other dish, brisket needs the perfect temperature settings for smoking, otherwise you may end up with an uncooked piece of beef that’s lacking in tenderness and succulence – hardly the dish you’d want for your own dinner or to serve to your guests for that matter. Smoking a brisket in an electric smoker is the best way to get the flavor out.


Now that you know about smoking brisket in an electric smoker, you are ready to move forward. As long as you’re careful about things such as the quality of the beef, ensuring that it’s juicy with a thick layer of fat, and have a whole lot of patience (though an electric smoker does make things easier on this count since it doesn’t require constant tending or monitoring), you can promise yourself, and your guests, of some wonderful briskets to spice up your meal. You also need to check the brisket size since usually a whole brisket will not fit into a small smoker, and would need to be cut into pieces. Also remember not to chip away all the fat (ideally you ought to leave ¼ inch of fat left on the brisket to enable proper cooking and the right succulence and softness in the dish).

As mentioned earlier, temperature is the key to getting the best out of your brisket, and that’s one thing that an electric cooker makes really easy for you. You can use an instant-read thermometer to measure the internal temperature every now and then by simply inserting it into the thickest part of the brisket (doing that ensures that even the toughest part of it is getting the right temperature right to its center). A better option is to use a probe that has a digital readout facility; you can simply leave it in the meat and keep checking the temperature during the smoking process.

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