bradley electric smoker review

Bradley Electric Smoker Review

When you’re looking for appliances that will enable you to have a nice summer cookout, a smoker cooker is something you must have. Many people out there have never tried using a smoker before and it is a shame because they are truly missing out. Smokers cook meat in a way that helps it retain its flavor and makes it taste better overall. The Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker is certainly one of the most recommended smokers which serves this very purpose. Anyone you talk to who owns a Bradly Electric Smoker will tell you how easy it is to smoke all kinds of meats with it while retaining its flavor. This is one of our favorite Bradley electric smoker reviews on the site.

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Bradley Electric Smoker Keypoints

Large Capacity

The Bradly Electric Smoker is actually a digital smoker with a large capacity to it. This means you can either smoke big pieces of meat at the same time or a variety of different meats at the same time. This will save you time and energy in the end.

Just imagine if you have a large gathering and you have to smoke lots of meat to accommodate everyone. Rather than having some of your guests wait while you smoke all the meat, you can smoke everything together and make sure your guests never go hungry again. You can barbeque and roast your food as well with this huge smoker.

The Bradley Electric Smoker can hold as many as 6 racks at a time. This will give you the opportunity to fill each rack with meats which appeal to your liking. The dimensions of each rack are 11” x 13”. The actual smoker has a volume of 3,432 cubic inches, which is bigger than a smaller refrigerator.

This easy to use smoker is self-contained and only takes 20 minutes to burn the special “Bradley Flavor Bisquettes” at a consistent temperature. After that, they will be advanced from the burner automatically.

You won’t need to use any acids, resins, or gases to create a high temperature because those would destroy the appearance and flavor after you smoke the foods. All you need is a consistent temperature that is reasonable and you will have tasty foods afterward. Plus, this is a very clean way of cooking foods too because you won’t get any aftertaste from it. Instead, all the natural flavors will stay in the foods and your guests will just gloss over the taste of them.

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Different Cooking Methods

You can use 2 different smoking methods with the Bradly Electric Smoker; cold smoking or hot smoking. The temperatures for hot smoking will typically be anywhere between 180°F and 250°F. These are suitable temperatures for cooking fish and other meats. The amount of time it will take to smoke these meats will vary as it depends on the exact meat your smoking and the temperature you set it at. Cold smoking will take a lot longer than hot smoking. People often combine cold smoking with salt cured meats like ham, bacon, and certain fish. If you want to use the Bradly Electric Smoker as a slow cooking or roasting oven, then it is good for that too.

Construction and Design

The interior of the Bradley Electric Smoker is made of stainless-steel material that is polished and the outside is comprised of powder epoxy steel, allowing the smoker to endure lots of heavy usage. The inside of the smoker has a hot plate which houses an extremely low heating element. You’ll also find an extensive feeding system in which the cube-shaped bisquettes are used rather than sawdust, even though that would be okay too.

If you want clean smoke then bisquettes are what you need because when they burn, they are not reduced to ash. Not only that, they don’t require that much energy at all and they can be extinguished easily by being placed in the water bath feature that is integrated with the unit. There is even a secondary heating element to the smoker which can regulate the smokehouse’s temperature.

The Bradley Electric Smoker contains a cooking element that uses 500 watts, a smoking element that uses 125 watts, a drip bowl, a recipe booklet, a rectangular tray, and a maximum temperature of 280°F. The total weight of the unit is roughly 71 pounds and includes a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

The larger version of the smoker has some benefits too, such as awesome construction and different cooking times. Buy your own smoker thermometer if you buy this smoker from our Bradley electric smoker review.

Benefits of the Bradley Electric Smoker

  • The smoker is simple to set up.
  • Meats will be evenly smoked.
  • Automated smoking technology.
  • Beginners can learn to smoke easily with this smoker.
  • Huge interior capacity lets you cook lots of meats at once.
  • Temperature control is very easy.

Cons of the Bradley Electric Smoker

  • An undesirable temperature swing may occur.
  • High reading on the digital thermostat may occur because of its position near the heating element.
  • For a unit with 6 racks, the heating element tends to be under powered.
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Bradley Electric Smoker Review – Conclusion

Many customers who have used the Bradley Electric Smoker have mostly good things to say about it. They particularly like how the smoker can smoke their meats and vegetables so evenly. Overall, they feel like the Bradley Electric Smoker does its job and gives you enough for the affordable cost of the unit. It even comes with bisquettes which gives your smoked foods a nice flavor to them, which only makes people more pleased with the outcome.

The Bradley Electric Smoker is great for people who lead busy lives because they can just place their foods inside of the unit and let the smoker do the rest without having to monitor it the whole time. Of course, some people complain about how some of the unit’s parts are made of plastic, such as the door hinges. This is likely the reason why they could not get the internal temperature up past 180°F. This would be a bad thing if you were trying to cook lots of meats in such a large unit like this. However, the majority of people claim they are able to get the temperature up past 180°F so perhaps the people who complained just had some defective units. For other smoker options, please check them out in this comprehensive guide.

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