Best Wood Chips for Smoking guide

Best Wood Chips for Smoking For The Money

As a favorite summertime activity, smoking with electric smoker wood chips is something that you can actually enjoy with your family and friends. A rich, smoky flavor is something that everyone loves and finds irresistible when eating pork ribs.

Best Wood Chips for Smoking

Wood chips for smoking refers to tiny bits of wood which are used to improve the flavors of the meat which you are cooking. Alder apple, cherry, hickory, mesquite, oak, orange, pecan and peach, are some of the flavors that best wood chips come in. Even Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel is also great.

If you have always smoked or grilled without wood chips, you will instantly notice the difference in taste the moment you use them. The incredible flavor that they will give you will make you become addicted to using them to grill.

Fairly priced wood chips can be used in all kinds of grills such as electric, gas and charcoal. Generally, only hardwoods from nut-bearing or fruit-bearing trees are the best. Nut trees produce a smoke flavor which is stronger, while the fruit trees generally have a lighter smoke flavor. Apparently, apple wood can match nearly everything you may barbecue.

The following are the best wood chips for smoking.

Best Wood Chips For Smoking List​

Weber Apple Wood Chips

These are ideal for adding apple wood smoke savor to your foods. In fact, they can as well be a suitable option for briquettes as a grilling heat source.

Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips

Weber 17004 Apple Wood Chips

These wood chips produce a mildly sweet and fruity taste which is ideal for poultry, game birds, and pork – particularly ham.

You can’t miss it when you choose to use Weber wood chips for your smoker cooker. They will certainly provide a mouthwatering flavor to your meats.

Key Features

  • Produces lighter smoke
  • Adds smoky taste to your favorable foods
  • Gives fruity flavor to poultry and pork
  • One of the top cooking woods

Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips

They add a unique whiskey flavor to any food cooked on electric smokers, charcoal and gas grills.

The chips are obtained from the barrels used in aging Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The whiskey is usually taken in and out of the wood during the aging process, which gives it a unique color and flavor.

Jack Daniel's 01749 Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

Jack Daniel's 01749 Wood BBQ Smoking Chips

Some amount of whiskey normally remains in these barrels when they are eventually emptied, and a number of them are turned into Jack Daniel’s smoking chips.

This whiskey is made at America’s oldest registered distillery located in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The same methods and care that Jack Daniel established in 1866 are used here.

It is this commitment to quality coupled with the distinctive charcoal-mellowed taste that has made this whiskey famous across the globe, which with Daniels wood smoking chips you can now smoke into your food as well.

Key Features

  • Smoking wood chips created from Jack Daniel’s whiskey or the white oak aging barrels
  • The chips come in 1”x1” size

In case you are a fan of Jack Daniel’s whiskey taste, you just have to try these BBQ smoking chips. These are the best wood chips for electric smoker.

Western Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

Mesquite has been a favorite wood for a long time in the South, with its strong, hard and sweet flavor.

Western Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

Mesquite wood for smoking is an extremely popular flavor for many. The chips are largely used in adding a wood smoky taste to food that is cooked on electric smokers, gas and charcoal grills.

It is perfect with rich and full-bodied meats including chicken, duck, lamb and beef. In addition, it can be used to flavor seafood and vegetables.

Key Features

They are 100% natural

Ideal for gas and charcoal grills

Consists of kiln dried wood

Used in either an aluminium foil pouch or a smoker ox

Mesquite wood offers an easy way to imbue an incredible smoky flavor into several different foods. These are good Masterbuilt electric smoker wood chips.

Western Pecan Smoking Chips- Bbq

Pecan wood is another wood that provides great flavor, and in case you want to add unique flavor to the meat, give pecan Bbq smoking chips a try.

Pecan boasts of a sweet and spicy, but bold flavor. It works perfectly with beef, pork or poultry, thus giving you endless possibilities with Western wood smoking chips.

Western Pecan Bbq Smoking Chips

You will be happy with the way this Pecan’s new flavor and its great taste will certainly surprise your family and guests.

Just like the other chips for smoking, these smoking chips are easy to use. They can change things a little bit and get away from the same old smoky taste.

Key Features

  • It imbues an authentic, smoky taste to any meal
  • It works very well with beef, pork, and poultry
  • It provides you with a sweetened and tangy, but bold flavor

Those who are not comfortable with the harsh and bitter smoke that the other wood chips such as oak, hickory and mesquite give off prefer these pecan chips. Although they love them especially for fish and pork, they actually use them for nearly everything in order to keep off the other woods’ bitterness. They have also claimed that combining these chips with apple wood often works very well.

Overall, these pelican wood chips for smoking are a great option if you want something not just slightly different, but also a sweeter smoky taste to your meats.

Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set – Set of 8 Pints

There are numerous assortments of wood chips for smoking such that it becomes difficult to tell the number.

Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set

Wood Smoking Chips Variety Gift Set

This 8 variety set is ideal for the enthusiasts or new smokers. It consists of pure ground wood smoking chips which are created for stovetop smoker use. These chips are a must-have for the truly outdoor cooking fan as they provide a great way of making some savings. help them make great savings n.

Hickory wood chips are normally the most sought after wood chips and this set comes with some. They provide a typical smoky taste that is loved by everyone.

The set contains apple wood, pecan wood as well as cherry wood for smoking, all of which give your foods some sweeter and distinctive flavors. Another popular variety included is the oak wood chips

Key Features

  • Gives you 8 different smoky tastes, saving you money
  • Ignite quickly and combust totally
  • Packaged in 1 pint plastic containers (resaleable) each containing about 30 smokings
  • Easy to handle


With a wide variety of wood chunks available on the market, there are numerous flavor combinations and possibilities to put in your smoker box. However, finding the best smoker and wood chips is not difficult. The best wood smoking chips for you will mainly be dictated by the kinds of meats you love to cook and the flavor you want to imbue into them.

Regardless of the type of wood chips you choose to get or where you decide to buy them from, the best wood chips will be those that most match your purposes and tastes. It might even be necessary for you to do some trial and error to help you determine this. But you will certainly end up with some mouthwatering food.

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