best bbq appetizers in the south

Best BBQ Appetizers In The South

When you have a high-quality barbecue or grill, you can do a lot with your meats when it comes to getting the right flavors for the best bbq appetizers. As you are slowly cooking your favorite meats like baby back ribs or briskets, don’t just sit around waiting for them to cook. Try to test different flavoring options for your barbecue that you think might enhance the flavor of your meats even more. In other words, think about some side dishes or appetizers that might go well with the meat.

The most common choice for an appetizer during a cookout is a salad. It is easy enough to do since you’re just chopping up lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and then mixing them in a bowl with olive oil. However, wouldn’t you rather try to make something more exciting? Let’s see what we can do.

Best BBQ Appetizer Ideas​

Grilled Mushrooms

Everybody loves a good mushroom dish. If you go to your local grocery store, you should see lots of button mushrooms available in the produce section. Try grilling some Portobello mushrooms and coat them with oil, melted butter, and/or salt. You could even add some mozzarella and red peppers into the mix to “zesty” it up more. This will surely create a taste that you will want to recreate repeatedly with each new bite. Also, if you do use salt then try to use something of quality like sea salt, rock salt, or kosher salt. You should also add some fresh ground black pepper as well. Anything else you might want to add is optional. We recommend some herbs, spices, bacon bits, and crushed garlic pieces. Just get creative and have fun with it.

grilled mushrooms


When you think of a barbecue, you probably don’t think of quesadillas. However, if you use a grill to cook quesadillas then you’ll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to do. All that is required is to place a few soft tortilla shells onto a grill and then heat them up a little bit with some light heated temperature or just smoke. While this is happening, you should already have chicken that is precooked and vegetables that are chopped. After the tortilla becomes more flexible and soft, take them out and place the other ingredients on them. You can spice them up more with some hot sauce and then fold the tortilla shell over the ingredients. That is it! Enjoy!


If you invite guests to your cookout who are vegetarians and meat lovers, then try preparing some vegetable kabobs for the vegetarians and meat kabobs for the meat lovers. That way, everyone will be impressed and satisfied there. You could also mix the chopped vegetables with the meats if your guests like both. Just get feedback from your guests about which they prefer. The more you involve your guests with the preparation of the food, the more they will want to prepare their own kabobs. After all, cookouts are supposed to be fun for everyone in attendance. Cooking kabobs can be easy to do too if all the ingredients are already prepared. Just put some skewers filled with meats and/or vegetables on the grill and then let them cook. Spray some canola oil on them to add more flavor. Then, just turn the skewers over every couple of minutes. The aroma generated from the cooked skewers will get everyone’s mouth watery and ready to eat.

Smoked Salmon

Some guests will always prefer fish over anything else. The best fish to prepare for a cookout is smoked salmon. After slowly cooking the smoked salmon, you can prepare it in many ways. You could use ginger sauce, soy, or honey to give it more flavor or you could just cut the salmon into pieces and mix it with a salad. As for a drink with your salmon, try a nice oaked chardonnay or a homebrewed beer. If you mill the grain of the beer yourself, that is even better. Many people think this is one of the best bbq appetizers because it is healthy.

grilled salmon


Anytime you are serving a barbecued dish, you should always have bruschetta as an appetizer. This appetizer consists of baguette that is toasted and sliced. When you slice them, try to make diagonal cuts so there is more of a surface to the toast. Next, spray the toast slices with some oil and then put the slices on the grill. You can layer the slices on the bottom with tomatoes or a little bit of cheese if you want. You could also add Pico de gallo, which consists of chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos, lime, salt, and pepper. Add some heat to soothe it out a bit and some hot sauce to settle the lime and tomato acids.

Grilled Oysters

Do not assume that oysters are too fancy for cooking at a barbecue because they are not. If you are skilled enough to boil an egg, you can prepare oysters with no problem. Oysters might not be available at every supermarket, but try to find either a fishmonger or a fish market in your local area. If you purchase them from a fishmonger, request that the oysters be shucked first. Later on, when you go to grill them, keep them in their shells for a couple of minutes as they’re heating up. For seasoning, just use a bit of Worcester sauce, hot sauce, or lemon juice. You won’t need any salt because these seasonings already come with salt in them.

Enjoy the food!

There are no special rules or limits to barbecuing appetizers. You can get as creative as you want and prepare foods that your particular guests will enjoy. Now if you want to take the easy route and just serve chips and dips, then that is okay. But if you put more thought and creativity into it, you’ll create an experience that your guests will not forget. You could prepare one of the recipes listed above or something totally original that you think of yourself. Try using a cast iron skillet to sear a calzone and see how your guests like it. If you’re preparing smoked prime rib or chicken, any of these side dishes will go great with it.